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Monkey's despair 


« Sweet magician of the furnace looking to share her passion with carnivore prince. »


Marguerite, a young english woman pursuing her dreams in the Big Apple, is more gifted for the world of the imagination than for reality.  Single despite her longings, a victim of contemporary urban solitude, this ex-vegetarian suddenly decides to become a master at cooking meat, hoping this new quest will reconciliate her with matters of the flesh, love and men…


Colin Stone, a.k.a Raymond Queneau, a brilliant retired forger, locked himself away for ten years in a tiny appartment in downtown Manhattan, out of love for his accidentally deceased wife.


His son Luca, a young and upcoming artist whose work is a meditation about deceit, returns to his long left home-town for a major opening. 

He’s also looking for answers about his past …


What will happen when this exciting ad brings them together ?


Their thrilling journey and their quest for identity will take us on a mad race through New-York, the queen of all towns… From a French kitchen to the Bronx Zoo, from a crystal ball to the Institute of Forensic Medicine and through the Art world’s exclusive gatherings, what will they end up finding ?


Love and death have one thing in common :  they happen when you least expect it.


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