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                                                                         I started digging in Hypnopompia 25 years ago...                                                             


Hypnopompia is an anthropological fiction.  It depicts an imaginary world, using all mediums of observation available to explore a society and its components :  photography, film, drawings, writings, exhibition of objects (skeletons, fossils, tools, costumes…).

The initial photographic portraiture of the Unknown Species of Hypnopompia was sponsored by the Polaroid Corp.. 

The company granted me the use of a 50X60 experimental camera to create portraits from this imaginary society.

I committed the first pictures with my accomplice Patrice Casanova, then went on by myself exploring my Unknown Species

in larger groups, on film, and in a novel depicting the crisis in Hypnopompia :  "The world of Cosmo".             



The works were shown in several exhibits throughout the U.S. and in Europe, and some pieces were acquired by famous collections and museums (Victoria & Albert Museum London; MEP, Maison Europeenne de la Photographie Paris; Polaroid Collection, U.S.A.; Asher-Edelman Collection, Switzerland…).  The exhibits were also covered by abundant international press

( see PRESS)


Hypnopompia, an anthropological fiction...

                                                      Hypnopompia, une fiction anthropologique...





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