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Little Blue man


« The first time I repaired a sadness, I was in the Trocadéro gardens. I just arrived in Paris, it was springtime, all those pretty girls with their long legs and their tiny skirts were turning my head around, it was really hard to concentrate, and most of all, I didn’t know where to start. I just arrived in the beautiful world. »


Mr Arthur sits up in parisian trees to observe human beings and work up his strategies to repair their sadness. Lots of work in perspective !

After getting a good start conning an old lady to hire him as a butler, he restores her lost love memories before she dies. 

He then leaves the Trocadero to settle in Belleville. He gets his nickname as he gets hired as the assistant of a hick magician that performs in a neighborhood bar : Arthur paints his face in blue to complete his stage costume.


This new official position being for him the perfect cover, he’s going to devote himself to his unofficial « mission » :  looking for new souls to mend, the Little Blue Man uses his magic powers to manipulate their destiny.

Mr Arthur doesn’t discriminate : unhappiness is relative. Repairing it is a subtle craft. Sometimes,a little bump to the soul can destroy a life, when a drama can bring new definition to an existence.

Betrayals, lost libidos, raving fantasies of unconventional family mothers and 

lies of all trades (of all kinds ?) are going to cross paths in his net, weaving a tragi-comic portrait of contemporary love relationships.


The Little blue man takes us for a journey through his looking glass, raising

a witty meditation about our lives and a reflexion about man’s ability for happiness.


 A tale for adults who know that the way they look at their reality has the power to change it.


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